Can you incorporate my own jewelry into the bouquet?

Including some personal items into your bouquet can help give your bouquet an extra personal touch. If you’d like to do this, we can arrange to incorporate your heirlooms in your bouquet. Please send an email to normadeandesigns@gmail.com to start a conversation!

How many brooches do I need to provide? 

Between 60 - 100 Pieces will be needed depending on the final size desired.

Does the whole bouquet have to be brooches?

Absolutely not!  Pieces such as wine corks, earrings, military pins, boy scout badges, mom's vintage wedding dress buttons or lace, a vintage watch turned to the brides wedding time, bracelets, old strands of pearls, rings, locket, scrabble pieces, & dog tags are fun and unique.

How do custom orders work?

Most custom orders can be created in 6-8 weeks, but may take longer depending on requirements. We try to provide ample opportunity for you to influence the design of your bouquet. When the bouquet is partially-assembled, we will send you photos to give you an opportunity to request changes. We will work with you until you are happy with your bouquet.

What do I do after I've collected all my pieces?

After you have collected all the pieces for your custom bouquet the bride ships the treasures to us, all the while we have complete contact at all times during the creation of the bouquet. 

Are there any special instructions before I send my pieces to you?

Special pieces need to be labeled as such and filler pieces need to be separated so the most important pieces are showcased on the top. We will send you an information form for you to complete and ship with your items.

I'm not sure what colors I would like, can you help?

Of course! Take advantage of our design experience to help you figure out what colors you'd be happy carrying on your wedding day. We often urge brides to stray slightly from their main color palette- even though your bridesmaids are wearing champagne dresses, you can do a blush pink bouquet. After all, you are the center of attention that day!

Can I select the ribbon color to use on the stems?

Yes please! We have miles of gorgeous ribbons in varying colors and textures, so tell us what you're thinking! I'm sure we have it.

Can you make bridesmaids bouquets?

We can create matching bridesmaids for any bouquet. Generally, they range in price from $75 up to $150 each, depending on materials used. Once you choose a design for your bridal bouquet, we will be able to provide options at various prices for your bridesmaids.

When will I receive my bouquet?

Every item that we make here at Norma Dean Designs is made by hand. Please allow us up to 4 weeks of creativity before your order ships.

Where are you based?

In the panhandle of the sunshine state - Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We can ship anywhere in the world. Email us with your country and postal code and we can get you a shipping estimate before hand.